March 23, 2019

A toast to Desperate Dave Burns

A toast to Desperate Dave Burns RIP, musician and B Movie actor. Sorry it took a while.


  1. This is bad, if it’s the same Desperate Dave Burns I knew back in the 80’s, at Hanoi Rocks, Thunders, Gunslinger gigs.

    • Hi Nuzz,
      I’m afraid it is the same Dave Burns. One of his ex-girlfriends contacted me through Facebook to say that she’d only just found out Dave had sadly passed away back in 2003. I shared a house with him when we were both studying in Reading around 1987 and had some truly great and memorable times with him.

      We’ve been compiling a few of our favourite memories of Dave, do you have anything specific you’d like to share?

  2. Alright Julian,

    Shit!….I lost contact with Dave probably around 1989/90, memories, now here’s a couple How about when he along with The Gunslingers appeared at Bow Street charged with impersonating The Rolling Stones. They’d gone to Stringfellows, blagged their way in then ran up a massive bar bill, before they were sussed, slung out and arrested, then charged. I didn’t go out with them that night, but made it for their court apperance, where they all turned up in ill fitting Oxfam suits. It got him a mention in the Daily Mirror and a fine. His live performances were always memorable, just him and his guitar tearing up who ever’s songs he fancied tearing up. I first met Dave at Hanoi Rocks gigs, shared many a pint with him in the watering holes around Soho and The Marquee and various other venues around London and other places. I’m writing a piece about The Gunslingers for my blog, and was researching some stuff, which is how I heard about his death, how did he die, if that’s not to tasteless a question to ask. If it is, forget I asked it, cos it’s pretty irrelevent, he’s gone, a real character. I’ve got a copy of The Mirror piece about him, and some flyers from his gigs, if yer interested.

    Thanks for getting back to me, all the best.

    • Ha ha ha, I remember that story but I am sure Dave told me he was impersonating Ronnie Woods’ son that night???
      I still haven’t managed to find out anything about how he died – have tried contacting some people through band websites who he may been in touch with but to no avail. I first heard about his death through an interview that Buttz (The Babysitters) did in around 2004 and there is also a mention on NIkki Sudden’s website; he talks about Dave and Epic Soundtracks and how he dreamt about them both after they died. And now he is dead too. Fuckin’ awful, isn’t it?

  3. Matt Allen says:

    Hi I used to see Dave in a band called The Courtesans in Reading as I knew the brothers who played in the band. Their last gig was supporting Pavement amazing gig.

    Shocking news, has anyone ever found out how he died?



    • Victoria says:

      Hi Matt

      I have found out a bit more and it would appear he died of an overdose. This came as a shock to me as Dave had always been more of drinker than a heavy drug-user but I lost contact with him around 1996 so have no idea what path his life took in the last few years.