June 26, 2019

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-09

  • A Hobby (Falco subbuteo), third year in a row, in around the same place. Not a resident species, clearly a favourite holiday destination. #
  • Kickstarter – "ISNESS" A PHOTO GRAPHIC NOVEL: http://kck.st/bEKVTm #
  • New butterfly book – hurray! #
  • hmm Holly Blue or not, stay still please! #
  • After last years inundation, a single Painted Lady is a rare treat. #Wildlife #butterflies #
  • A Two Spot Ladybird, rather confusingly with four red spots on a black base coat #beetles #
  • Just found the close up function on the Blackberry so here's a Punctata pic http://twitpic.com/2crbio #

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