February 27, 2024

The first outing for our new pond dipping kit

Dragonfly nymph

Broad Bodied Chaser nymph (Libellula depressa)

Although this may not look like much, it bodes well for my dragonfly film project.

The first dip of our brand new net landed us this Broad Bodied Chaser nymph (Libellula depressa). Earlier in the summer I shot some HD footage of an adult of this species laying eggs in exactly the same spot in this local pond and this discovery seems to suggest the whole lifecycle could be filmable.

Also in the net today were lots of Greater and Lesser Water Boatmen, a few very tiny damselfly nymphs which were too small for my phone camera to capture and a rather interesting acquatic beetle larva I’ve yet to identify. A particularly fine flatworm caught Joe’s attention.